60 Touching Black and White Photos

In the past few decades, photography game has transformed into much more than just a hobby. Photographers are creative in a good majority nowadays. As the cameras and lenses get better and better, the visual quality of photos get better alongside. So how could black and white photos stay any behind?

Inspite of having options of various colourful photographs, there are such black and white pictures existing which are aesthetic, high quality, great composition and most importantly copyright free (or say free to use).

We have gathered 60 black and white photos which are absolutely free. You can use them for professional purposes like your business or start up, etc, or you can use them for wallpapers or just share them generally with whosoever you wish to.

These black and white photos are taken by professional and amateur photographers from all around the world. We have geometric, nature, floral, stripes, marble and many other types of wallpapers. Feel free to pick from our store of HD wallpapers for your iPhone or laptop.

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1. Lone silhouette.

2. Art in her soul. 

3. Tears of life. 

4. Slow dancing in the dark. 

5. Pisces. 

6. Art they call photography.

7. Maybe not be close enough. 


8. Dreams in them. 

Dreams in them.

9. Artful life. 

10. Child of simplicity. 


11. Invisible bond. 

12. Like a spring leaf.

13. Joy bubbles.

14. Ladder lady. 

15. Firefly in daydream.

16. The design of connecting dots. 

17. Smell of nature. 

18. Free people.

19. Ignition of love. 

20. Zebra moods. 


Animals & Birds

21. Gang of elephants. 

22. Lazy lion. 

23. Tortoise on sky. 

24. Your mind is twisted. 

25. Lead of the future.

26. Hello, best friend. 

27. Who are you?

28. Howl before midnight.

29. Let me sleep.

30. Caught up within you. 

31. My zebra fellow.

32. Pure joy.

33. Beam of hope. 

34. A cat is never your slave.

35. Waiting for you. 

36. My bicycle, my dog.

37. Can you please see it?

38. Too introvert for your party.

39. Sharkest feeling. 

40. May I have your attention, please? 



41. Drop of life. 

42. Magic dew drops. 

43. Buddha’s flower. 

44. If only you already walked through.

45. Lost in clouds.

46. Happiness in a crystal.

47. Canyon of your silver string. 

48. We are a family. 

49. Standing tall. 

50. Are mountains calling? 


51. Feather in your corners. 

52. Standing alone is not bad. 

53. Flowers are earth smiling.

54. Driving since leap. 

55. Beach boats. 

56. Full moon.


57. I can sense your beauty.

58. I have the trees. 

59. Bench from the fairytales.

60. Sandy souls. 








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