70 FREE HD Photos of Children To Melt Your Heart

The innocence in their eyes, the purity in their smile, the sweetness in their words, the softness in their hugs, every child is a blessing.

We often misunderstand children, we think some children are good, bad, etc according to our liking, what most of us miss out on is by end of the day they are all innocent full of emotions, hopes, dreams and affection.

Children are just like flowers and that is exactly how we should treat them. Handle them with care just like we handle flowers, you cannot be rough to a flower else you might end up spoiling it, give them the love, care and affection they deserve and desire just like we water the flowers regularly for their nourishment.

It is very important to treat a child with kindness and respect. At times the kids might not necessarily do what is right or what you think is right, it is very important at such times to handle them with patience and compassion.

With today’s vast lifestyle, most of the parents end up neglecting their children which is really sad to see, and making a child feel incomplete is not the best thing to do if you care about them and how they are going to be as a person in the future.

Please don’t have children just because you think it is necessary to have a baby, have children when you are prepared for commitment of a lifetime. Enough of preaching, let’s go for the free stock photos now.

70 FREE Photos and Wallpapers of Children To Melt Your Heart:

1. Would you watch me fall in silence?
2. Ocean eyes.
3. Can’t stop staring at you.
4. Baby driver.
5. Holi hai!
6. What are you thinking about?
7. Into the wilderness.
8. Take me into the depth of your soul.
9. I can see stars inside you.
10. Round and round like a hula hoop.
11. Fly out of your own bubble.
12. Water your relationships regularly.
13. I love beaching.
14. Rainbow hair.
15. Hike for your mind and soul.
16. Dance when things are not under control.
17. You are your own superhero, rest is fiction.
18. I’ve never seen a colour I didn’t love.
19. This fire higher in my soul, let my eyes be your guide.
20. My hands are trippin.
22. It’s hard to frown, when ukulele music is going down.
23. An autumn wish.
24. Fashionista.
25. Fall feelings.
26. Bathe to enjoy as well.
27. Hey there, cuteness.
27. My heart is melting like butter.
28. Jar full of stars.
29. Look at the sunny side of everything.
30. Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
31. Joy is in your perspective.
32. Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.
33. Real happiness is free of cost, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit.
34. Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself.
35. You and I into the fog.
36. Halloween is a pumpkin carving party.
37. Photographer in making.
37. Autumns are for daydreaming.
38. Looks like a vacay.
39. Better together.
40. Let art be your answer.
41. Bubbly heart.
42. Sissy love.
43. There’s this boy who stole my heart.
44. Nostalgia.
45. I’m so happy.
46. Smile like you have nothing to loose.
47. I’m coming to your village.
48. Show me the farms of your village.
49. Then we can chill and play some music in the farms.
50. We will then enjoy the sunset together.
51. You teach me how to swim, I’ll teach you how to live.
52. Heart bigger than house.
53. Goofy globe.
54. I love everything about my life.
55. I can travel without moving my feet.
56. I’ve got all the toys on earth.
57. I’m running with the wolves tonight.
58. The sky is up and wide.
59. Happy Holi!
60. Can you feel? Only you can tell.
61. I couldn’t leave you behind.
62. I will travel and travel and travel!
63. Sing like nobody’s watching.
64. Million dollar smile.
65. May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.
66. Running through water and sunshine.
67. Got my own binoculars.
68. Playing is a state of flow.
69. Candid buddy.
70. I’m deep inside the ocean.






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