13 Most Selling Cocktails In The World

There are thousands of cocktail drinks around the world and many new are invented everyday. In the paced world of the global bar industry, we see many trends come and go. But one thing seems to remains the same: The classic Old fashioned.

According to bartenders from 127 of the best bars in 38 countries, these are the 10 best-selling cocktails, as reported by Business Insider – and they are surprisingly similar to last year’s list, proving that some cocktails will always be in style.

When you visit a bar or friend’s home, you should know about the famous drink. Here is the 13 list of world’s most selling drink. Let’s see how many of them you know about and how many you have tried.

13. The Old Fashioned

The Bourbon old fashioned made of whiskey, bitters and muddled sugar which gives it a classic taste of sweet and bitterness. It is first on the list for the fifth consecutive year. Generally bourbon is used but if you use rye, rye will make it spicier.

12. The Negroni

The Negroni is started by Fosco Scarselli when he made a change in Americano by replacing soda by gin. He bitter cocktail drink made by combination of Campari, vermouth and and gin. And the rest is history.

11. Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour contain whiskey, lemon, sugar and egg white. The oldest mention of whiskey sour cocktail is in Wisconsin Newspaper, in 1870. It’s comes a long way since and although it doesn’t fare as well as a first choice for bartenders (5%), 50% of bars have included it in their top 10.

10. Daiquiri

Daiquiri is the most ordered rum cocktail in the list. It is made with white rum, simple syrup and lime juice. This is most ordered cocktail when people are at beaches enjoying with their partners.

9. Manhattan

The perfect manhattan cocktail is where equal amounts of sweet and dry vermouth used to prepare it. Around 10% say it’s in their top three and 40% say it’s in their top 10. The Manhattan has become common drinking in cafes and restaurants.

8. Dry Martini

Martini is one of the most sophisticated drinks which is composed of gin and dry vermouth at a 2:1 ratio and usually served with green olives. I am a bid fan of almost any drink with olives. And dry martini is served in the best way.

7. Espresso martini

The Espresso Martini is a sumptuous mix of vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. It’s rich, indulgent and creamy, and the shot of espresso will make sure you keep you active. This coffee-based cocktail has climbed up two places this year and has been ranked in the top 10 by 32% of bars. 

6. Margarita

Margarita is probably the most popular tequila drink made up of tequila, orange liquor and lime juice and obviously served with salt on the rim glass. That helps you cut the bitterness of the lime and tequila, while heightening the sweetness and sourness. That citrus flavor from the lime also helps neutralize bitterness, thanks to its high acidity level.

5. Aperol Spritz

I didn’t hear about this cocktail before writing this article, and this one is in my upcoming list for how temple the combination seems. They add Aperol, prosseco and soda and serve it. I am amazed to see a cocktail in the top 10 list that I have even never heard of. Let me know yours views in comment.

4. Moscow Mule

Moscow mule tastes like ginger because this cocktail is made up of ginger beer with addition of vodka and lime juice. It is generally served in copper mug as the most scientific benefit of using copper moscow mule mugs is temperature. For centuries, the best drinkers have known that chilled drinks in copper cups offer an extra-cool sensation, due to the metal quickly taking on the icy temperature of the cocktail.

3. Sazerac

Sazerac contains absinthe, whiskey, sugar cubes and some bitter. Sazerac has very different pattern of deriving that is without ice and it is the probably the World’s oldest cocktail.

2. Mojito

Mojito is the most heard cocktail in India. Every table or counter has at least one mojito at any time. To make the Mojito, use two teaspoons of sugar, juice of half a lime, two sprigs of fresh mint, two parts sparkling water, muddle and add one part Havana Club. Finish with four ice cubes and stir.

1. Blood Mary

Blood Mary is my favourite drink. I like its spicy taste. Bloody marry is the cocktail you can happily have in breakfast as it helps you in hangover cure and is nutritious as well.

Here are only 13, rest are in line such as penicillin, americano, pina colada, cosmopolitan. Try out the ones you haven’t. And tell other cocktail lovers which one is your favourite drink?

**Drink responsibly. A person should be of legal age to consume alcohol. Do not drink and drive.**



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