40 Mouth Watering Smoothie Bowl Photos by Professionals

Be it banana, strawberry, avocado, chocolate, mango, dragon fruit, pineapple or berries, we love a great bowl of smoothie. As much full of colours, fragrance and beauty it appears to be, the health benefits are equally high up there making smoothie bowls one of the best and healthiest breakfast meals you could have while treating your taste buds.

For those of you who by any chance are not aware of, smoothie is a beverage made out of various choices of fruits and sometimes of other ingredients as well, like honey, chocolate and peanut butter. The fresh ingredients are added along with dairy products sometimes, mostly yoghurt and are blended together to form a thick paste like drink. In a typical smoothie bowl, the thick paste is served in a bowl garnished with fresh fruits from the top. Not just a multiple flavour but smoothie bowls could come in a wide variety of colours like pink, green, blue, purple and red as well.

Over time, the demand of smoothies increased, eventually making restaurant franchise chains like Tropical Smoothie Cafe or TSC and Smoothie King have over hundreds of units all over United States.

This tropical and super delicious meal became part of many weight loss, keto and detox diet plans/charts because of the nutritious qualities it possess. Click here to read more about keto diet.

Not just the health benefits and the mouth watering taste, this dish is such a delight to the eyes which attracted photographers too. Some of you might not be that big of a fan of smoothies but you can’t deny the fact that smoothie bowls are one of the most appealing and photogenic things out there in the food industry.

We have gathered well presented, high definition professional photographs of smoothie bowls created by photographers around the world for you. Feel free to share or use them.




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