The 10 Most Selling Liquors In The World

Everyone has a different taste for drinking. As spirits are available in various form, people try to mix them and love it their way. Countries are limited to their brand, for example, India to Royal Stag. In fact, you likely haven’t even heard of the top-selling alcohol brands in the world. 
Here, the top 10 booze brands across the entire world.

10. Ballantine’s

Country: Scotland

I am very familiar with Ballantine’s. My husband is a whiskey lover, and Ballantine’s is his favourite brand. That is the reason we have a lot of bottles of Ballantine’s at our home. He really loves the texture, it is buttery and so smooth, close to perfection and sweet comes at affordable price.

9. Tanduay

Country: Philippines

The Philippines is one of the largest sugar markets on planet Earth, so it makes sense the country would also be home to one of the largest rum producers. This is aged in used whisky and bourbon barrels. This is readily available in Philippines. And when I was in Philippines I noticed that Filipino people are very much into spirits.

8. Bacardi

Country: United States

Bacardi recently shifted its focus to more premium positioning and become the second best-selling rum in the world. Bacardi used to be made in Cuba, but after the Cuban Revolution ousted the Bacardi family, the distillery was moved to Puerto Rico. Now, Bacardi is the top rum brand in the world, battling with Tanduay. Bacardi is easily available here in India than Tanduay.

7. Royal Stag

Country: India

People love Royal Stag aka RS in India. This is the one of most loved brands in India due to two reason its taste and very cheap price. India is a huge whisky market. Royal stag is owned by Pernod Ricard and launched in 1995 as a blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts.

6. McDowell’s No.1 Whisky

Country: India

Again an Indian whisky comes in the list. It’s also the first choice for about 30 percent of drinkers in India. McDowell’s No.1 whisky is sold in several countries apart from India, including Africa, Canada, the Far East, Japan, the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates.

5. Emperador

Country: Philippines

While Western brandy makers might take issue with the term “brandy” being applied to Emperador’s products (which are cut with a neutral sugar cane spirit), they certainly can’t argue with the numbers. Emperador outsells any other “brandy” brand to claim the bronze medal overall. Brand owner Alliance Global Group is planning an “aggressive push” for new products for the domestic and international markets.

4. Jinro

Country: South Korea

People in South Korea drink a lot of soju. There’s soju available at business meetings, family events, pretty much every waking second, all of which combine to make Jinro a breakaway in the race for biggest booze sales. The brand more than doubles its nearest competitor in sales, absolutely trouncing the entire world.

3. Smirnoff

Country: Russia

When we talk about vodka, two names that comes to my mind is smirnoff and Absolut. This vodka tastes like the good stuff straight from Russia and owned by Diageo. They have so many flavour, and I literally love their cranberry flavour with black currant soda.

2. Hennessy

Country: France

Hennessy is one of the most famous Cognacs in the world, the typical bottle shape is iconic.

1. Johnnie Walker

Country: Scotland

This is a Diageo-owned Scotch brand comes with exclusive bottling popping up all over the globe, especially in duty-free shops, the brand represents scotch too much of the world, especially at duty-free at airports. This is the release of a whisky matured in an ex-wine cask.

**Drink responsibly. A person should be of legal age to consume alcohol. Do not drink and drive.



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