Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in India

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Receiving 9 awards and being nominated over 25 times, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG by PUBG Corporation of South Korean developer Bluehole Inc., has taken the world by storm. This critically acclaimed multiplayer online battle royale video game designed by Brendan Greene has turned the gaming industry upside down for good.

Making over US$4.6 billion approximately within the first 6 months of it’s launch on March 2017, PUBG became one of the most watched and played video games on platforms like Twich and YouTube. Soon on 9 February 2018, PUBG mobile was launched by PUBG corporation and Tencent Games.

Top 10 Guns in PUBG

This video game brought a new era of gaming and live streaming with opportunities for thousands of streamers around the world. While everyone is having fun with this game, how could have India stayed any behind having so many die-hard PUBG fans? With excellent gameplays and entertaining interaction skills, Indian PUBGM streamers have won hearts of millions. We have listed top 10 players/streamers focused on playing PUBG mobile.

How does PUBG affect you in real life?

Note: Dates mentioned are according to the oldest uploaded videos on these streamers respective YouTube channels.

Are you playing PUBG or is PUBG playing with you?

Top 10 Best & Beloved PUBG Mobile Players in India

Soul mortal top best pubg players in India. Pig Magnet.

Who doesn’t know the heart of Soul clan, MortaL aka Naman Mathur. He started his YouTube channel on 15 September, 2016. The first videos that he posted on his channel were of his gameplays of Mini Militia. He soon got viral from his absolute epic gameplay video clips of PUBGM.
MortaL plays PUBGM on tab and those of you who are not aware enough, you might need to watch out if this guy is put in the same server as yours for how stunningly excellent he is at what he does. Mathur undoubtedly is one of the most respected PUBGM streamers on YouTube in India.

Poor gamer clan. Top best pubg mobile players in India. Pig Magnet. Pigmagnet.

Poor gamer clan
Poor gamer aka Mayank Yadav from Lucknow started his YouTube gaming journey on 25 December, 2017. The first few videos he uploaded was of his gameplay of the video game Rules of Survival. He soon then started playing PUBGM and within a year, Yadav gained enormous fame and affection because of his gameplay, down-to-earth nature, positive attitude and sense of humour.
Today beloved Padulal is one of the most successful and loved streamers on YouTube India.

Carry minati. Carryis live best top pubg players in India. Pig Magnet. Pigmagnet.

“Toh kaise hain aap log”? This man needs no introduction and if you don’t know him yet, you’re missing out on some great YouTube gem. Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar from Faridabad, India is one of the biggest Youtubers in the nation. He started his channel CarryisLive on 9 Jan, 2017. He is one of the earliest progressive video game streaming channels in India. Call him a pioneer.

With a witty sense of humour Carry has got his audience rolling on the floor. He is one of the most renowned Youtubers and streamers in India today.

Top 10 Guns in PUBG

Dynamo gaming. Best top pubg mobile players in India. Pig Magnet. Pigmagnet.

Dynamo Gaming
“Patt se headshot”. Does that sound any familiar to you? We all love Dynamo, don’t we? Aditya Sawant aka Dynamo is one of the biggest gaming content creators on YouTube India.
Sawant again is one of the earliest gaming streamers in India. He took his first step into gaming on 24 March, 2015. He started playing PUBG on 2017 and since then there has been no turning back him for him.

The rawknee show and the rawknee games. Top best pubg mobile players in India. Pig Magnet. Pigmagnet.

The RawKnee Games
The RawKnee Show is a comedic roast channel on YouTube owned by The RawKnee aka Rony Dasgupta from Mumbai. He created his gaming channel called The RawKnee Games and stepped into the world of YouTube gaming on 4 April, 2017 playing FIFA.
Starting from video games like CSGO to games like Mad Max, RawKnee is no behind when it comes to trying out different types of video games. His mad gameplay, energetic humour and absolute unique commentary makes him stand out and is one the best Indian gaming streamers on YouTube.

Beastboyshub. Top best pubg mobile players in India. Pig Magnet. Pigmagnet.

BeastBoyShub started his channel on 24 September, 2016. He did not start as a gaming channel exactly, but he soon began posting videos of his gameplays of various video games. He set his foot into PUBG PC by uploading his gameplay videos on 2017 after which he gained a wide range of followers.
He doesn’t just plays PUBG or PUBGM, but he also other experiments with video games of different genres like Granny, Resident Evil, Evil Within, Walking Dead and Tomb Raider.
BeastBoyShub is definitely one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube in India and the funny Hindi commentaries just keeps adding to the goodness.

Kronten gaming. Top best pubg mobile players in India. Pig Magnet. Pigmagnet.

Kronten Gaming
Chetan Chandgude aka Kronten started his streaming career on 4 March, 2018. The first video he streamed was of him playing PUBG. Within no time Kronten rose to fame because of his great interaction skills with his audience and his very well known ‘rush gameplay’. This streamer with an uncountable number of ‘chicken dinners’ has a massive fan following and is undoubtedly one of the most supported gamers in India.


Cosmic yt. Top best pubg mobile players in India. Pig Magnet. Pigmagnet.

Cosmic YT
Inderpal Singh aka Cosmic YT is again one of the most well known PUBGM streaming gamer on YouTube in India.
Singh started his channel on 5 March, 2017. His first video was of him live streaming his gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V. He played games like GTA and Resident Evil 7 for the first few months, soon then he started streaming PUBGM which caught more and more eyes for him everyday which just keeps growing and growing. His killer gameplay at PUBG mobile and his polite nature are some of the examples of his many good traits that makes his fans absolutely love him.

MDiscrazy. Top best pubg mobile players in India. Pig Magnet. Pigmagnet.

MDisCrazy is one of the few famous Indian PUBGM streamers who was absolutely adored by his fans within no time. Starting his channel not too long ago, he surely is one of the most promising YouTube gamers in India. He uploaded his first video of his PUBGM gameplay highlights on 6 July 2018 which got a lot of attention for of his rad FPP/First Person Perspective gameplay.
He often plays with some other Indian YouTube streamers like Ron Gaming and Cosmic YT.

Ron gaming. YouTube silver play button. Top best pubg mobile players in India. Pig Magnet. Pigmagnet.

Ron Gaming
Ron Gaming from Gandhinagar, Gujrat is one of the most well known and versatile gaming channels on YouTube in India. He started his channel on 30 July 2016. The first video he uploaded was of his GTA V gameplay. Initially he played video games like Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2, Far Cry, Dead By Daylight, Ark Survival and ofcourse GTA V. He started streaming PUBG in the year 2018 and today with a large fan following Ron is one of the most down to earth and prestigious gamers on YouTube.

Note: Dates mentioned are according to the oldest uploaded video on their channels.

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