Top 10 Guns in PUBG

When it comes to shooting games specially multi-player battle royale video games as PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, the first thing that we search for right after landing is a gun. Be it Erangle, Miramar or Sanhok, a gun is the most important thing that a player requires in a game. You might have level 3 armour, helmet, bag pack, lot of med kits, booster, etc, but if you don’t have a good gun while the players from the opposite teams do, it might be difficult for you to deal in that situation. On the other hand, if you are really good at the game like professional streamers and gamers, you might be able to take out your enemies in no time, no matter whatever gun you have.

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As admirers of PUBG and PUBGM, we researched and figured out 10 of the best guns or weapons from the game.

Top 10 Guns in PUBG:

Top 10 PUBG guns Pigmagnet

The Saiga-12K also known as S12K is a 12-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun. With hit damage 22 and zero range 25, S12K is not to be taken lightly when you hear an enemy in a short range having it. It’s initial bullet speed is
350 m/s. It’s original magazine size is 5 which becomes size 8 with an extended magazine. It only works on single firing mode.

UMP9 UMP45 top 10 PUBG guns

Universal Machine pistol aka UMP is a submachine gun. It was designed by Heckler and Koch, a German defense manufacturation company. Previously it was named UMP9 and now it is renamed to UMP45. The reason for changing the name is due to the ammo used for this gun. Earlier it used ammo of 9mm and now .45ACP is used. In reality both the variants of this gun exists. With hit damage 39, bullet speed of 400 m/s and zero range 100-300, UMP is a great short range weapon.

AKM top 10 PUBG mobile guns

AKM is a 7.62mm automatic assault rifle, a modernised version of the 1940s rifle AK-47. With hit damage 49 and initial bullet speed of 715 m/s, AKM is considered as one of the most power automatic rifles in both virtual and real world. It originally magazine size of an AKM is of 30, an extended magazine of 40 can be attached with it. It could be used in both single and auto firing mode with zero range of 100 to 1000, a short to mid-longer range rifle.

M416 top 10 PUBG mobile players guns Pigmagnet

M416 is a 5.56mm assault rifle. With hit damage 43 and bullet speed 880 m/s, M416 is widely popular amongst the players for being one of the most user friendly rifles in PUBG. Just like AKM the original size of the magazine is 30 and could be attach an extended magazine of size 40. Zero range of this rifle is 100 to 400, which means it’s mostly a short to medium range rifle. It works with both single and auto firing modes.

M16a4 top 10 PUBG mobile players guns Pigmagnet

M16A4 is the fourth generation 5.56mm assault rifle of the M16 which was first introduced at Vietnam war in 1964. With damage 43 and bullet speed of 1000 m/s, M16A4 could be a very powerful weapon if used well. It’s a short to medium range rifle with zero ranges from 100 to 500. Just like other assault rifles this gun originally comes with magazine size 30 and an extended magazine of size 40 could be attached to it. The firing modes this rifle has are single and burst.

DP-28 top 10 PUBG mobile players guns Pigmagnet

The Degtyaryov infantry machine gun also known as DP-28 is a 7.62mm light machine gun. Manufactured in Russia and designed by Vasily Degtyaryov, this gun came to use first in the 1920’s. With hit damage 51, zero range 100 to 1000 and bullet speed of 715 m/s, DP-28 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful guns in the world for all types of ranges. The magazine size of this gun is 47. This gun doesn’t takes an extended mag or any other attachments. It also comes with a stand to it which makes it’s recoil control better when set on a surface. DP-28 is a prepared gun just a reload away, it’s then ready to use in auto fire mode.

M249 top 10 PUBG mobile players guns Pigmagnet

M249 is a 5.56mm light machine gun. It’s more of an exclusive gun that comes only in airdrops, which means you’ll have to take a risk to get your hands on this powerful machine. With hit damage 45, bullet speed 915 m/s and zero range 100 to 500, M249 is beast when it comes from short to medium range shooting. The magazine size of this gun is 100 without any extended magazine. If you are playing solo vs squads, this is the auto fire mode gun you might want to consider to wipe out teams all by yourself.

Groza top 10 PUBG mobile players guns Pigmagnet

The OTs-14 Groza or popularly known as Groza is another assault rifle that could be found only in airdrops. The origin of this gun is Russia, it was designed by V.N. Telesh and Y.V. Lebedev in the 1990’s. With hit damage 49, initial bullet speed of 715 m/s and zero range 100 to 300, Groza is a very good weapon for short ranges. It works in two firing modes: single and auto. This gun comes with an original magazine size 30 and could be size 40 with an extended mag.

M24 top 10 PUBG mobile players guns Pigmagnet

M24 is a 7.62mm bolt-action sniper rifle. It is an upgraded version of Remington Model 700 which have been manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962. With hit 79 damage, bullet speed of 790 m/s and zero range from 100 to 1000, this is an excellent sniper gun for all shooting ranges. The original magazine size of M24 is 5, the extended magazine size for this gun is 7. This is one of the best spawn bolt-action sniper guns in PUBG and PUBG mobile.

AWM top 10 PUBG mobile players guns Pigmagnet

The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare or the widely known AWM is a bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured by Accuracy International. It would be fair to call AWM a celebrity gun for how powerful and damaging it is. With hit damage of 105 and bullet speed of 945 m/s, if you make sure you don’t miss your aim, a single shot from this “God-gun” will penetrate through even level 3 military helmet of your enemy players. It works in only single fire mode. The original magazine size of an AWM is 5, and size 7 of it’s extended magazine.

Hope you enjoyed going through our top 10 PUBG guns. Also check out Top 10 PUBG players/streamers in India.

So, is your favourite gun is on this list, let us know in the comments down below.

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