6 Transgender Role Models in India

After a life full of struggles, there are many success stories of people from the LGBT/Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community. But, today we want to discuss with you real life stories of six famous and successful Transgenders in India who have broken all the stereotypical barriers to achieve whatever they wanted in life, and have made our mother land proud.


Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is a transgender born as an elder son in an orthodox family in 1979 in Thane, Mumbai who is an actor, dancer and a transgender rights activist.

She was of feminist nature since childhood. At sixth grade she discovered some feminine traits within herself. She then met journalist Ashok Row Kavi who was the only gay individual she knew personally, and expressed about the abnormality that people saw in her.

Tripathi holds a degree in Arts from Mithibai college Mumbai and pg degree in Bharatnatyam dance.

Her family supports her, also her father has stated in an interview that Laxmi is not handicapped and will always be his son till the last breathe.

She is the first transgender who represented Asia Pacific in the UN in 2008. She has been awarded ‘Indian of the Year 2017’. Not only this, she has also worked in movies and owns a Dance Academy.

She also participated in the very popular Indian Television reality show Big Boss 5 in the year 2011.


Shabnam Mausi

Shabnam Mausi is the first ever transgender in India who was an MLA from Madhya Pradesh from 1998 to 2003.

Her father abandoned her because of the fear of being judged by the society.

A Bollywood biopic called ‘Shabnam Mousi’ was made on her life story in which actor Ashutosh Rana played the role of Shabnam Mausi.

Even though she has attended only two years of school, yet she speaks 12 languages and learnt all of it while traveling.


Manabi Bandopadhyay

Manabi Bandopadhyay is the first ever transgender in India who is a professor and has completed the Doctor of Philosophy.

She was associate professor in Bengali at Vivekananda Satobarshiki Mahavidyalaya and later she became the principal of Krishnagar Women’s college in the year 2015.

She is a devotee and follower of Sarada Devi. She was introduced to the path of spirituality by Swami Atmasthananda.


Prithika Yashini

Prithika Yashini was born in Tamil Nadu and became the first transgender woman sub-inspector in Tamil Nadu and first transgender woman police officer in India.

When she was a teenager, she realised that she is attracted to the same gender more as compared to the opposite gender. When she expressed about this to her parents, they couldn’t accept the fact that their child was born in a body of different gender. They took her to multiple doctors, astrologers and temples to get her treated.

Then Yashini moved from her hometown to Chennai where she was accepted with open arms with the members of her community. There she created a small milestone for success and joined a women’s hostel as a warden. She then underwent sex change operation and hormone therapy at the Kilpauk Medical Hospital.

She then applied for the post of sub-inspector and passed all the physical tests but she lost the 100metre race by a second but the court decided to hire her in November 2015.

She is also an app developer besides being a police officer.


Gauri Sawant

Gauri Sawant is a transgender activist from Mumbai and is the director of Sakshi Char Chowgi which helps transgenders and people with HIV/AIDS.

She was born in Pune and underwent transition with the help of Humsafar Trust. Gauri promotes safe sex and provides counselling to transgenders for their rights and to achieve success in their lives.

She has also adopted a daughter named Gayatri in the year 2008 after Gayatri’s mother died of AIDS.

She has plans to build a home for children of sex workers named ‘Gauri’s Nani Ka Ghar’ which translates ‘Grandmother’s home’, so that the kids can get the love and care they deserve.

She was also a contestant in KBC and was featured in the much viral Vicks ad along with her daughter Gayatri in 2017.


Nitasha Biswas

Transgender beauty queen Nitasha Biswas created history by becoming the first ever ‘Miss Trans Queen India’ in 2017. She represented India at ‘Miss International Queen 2017’ in Thailand, which is known to be the world’s largest and most prestigious beauty pageant for International Transgenders and Transvestites.

Biswas was born in West Bengal in a Bengali family. She completed her management studies in Kolkata and moved to Delhi for a degree in fashion.

She always had the support of her father and her brother. At the age of 22 she underwent sex reassignment surgery.

She made her Television debut in Mtv reality show Dating in the Dark.


These are some of the success stories, but are not the least. There are many more successful transgenders in our country who went beyond the stereotype mentality of the society and created their own place in the society.

These Indian Transgenders have set an example and we all must take a responsibility from now on and inspire our fellow Transgender by encouraging them to achieve thier goals in life and be successful.

“Don’t Ever Be Afraid To Show Off Your True Colours”.



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