You Must Try “Shotski” At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

The word Shotski literally means a ski on which the multiple shots are taken at a time. They have a famous quote “friends don’t let your drink alone” which means your person can have a shot at same time. The origin is not clear as two countries laying claim to its origins and several American entrepreneurs cashing in on it. At the 2013 Fest, people broke a world record in which adults lined 313 feet of Main Street holding 64 bolted-together skis adorned with three shot glasses apiece. After a megaphoned countdown, everyone lifted the skis, simultaneously took 192 shots of mint schnapps.

What is a “Shotski”?

As name tells, a “shotski,” involves several shot glasses placed on equal distance on a downhill ski, allowing several folks to concurrently down a shot. Drinkers who does not want to sip alone hold the ski together, lift it like a portable miniature table to their faces, and, like one multi-body drinking machine, down every last drop of liquor in the shot glasses. If anyone fails to complete a drink, the nature of the shotski ensures that any unfinished liquid falls on the person’s face.

Things you should keep in mind while drinking from “Shotski”.

  • Consider Height Differences. If people with huge difference in height stand together, it may end up like some may spill it on themselves. If you are short in height, position yourself between two drinkers that are similar height. That way no one will pull the ski in their direction, away from your lips, which will cause a big mess, making you look like a newbie.
  • Timing. You need to check whether everyone is ready or not to grab the ski. Watch down the line.  When the group is ready, someone will give a count down. Grab the ski with your right hand and hold tightly. On “three” step up to the shot, and tip the ski slowly. Just open up and drink.

Shotski is different and fun, and its good to have with your peer circle.

**Drink Responsibly. A person should be of legal age to consume alcohol. Do not drink and drive.



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